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Dates for 2018

October 5th & 6th,
12th & 13th, 19th & 20th,
and 26th & 27th

Gates are open from
7:00PM to ??

Ticket Price

Now Accepting Visa, MC, Disc. and AMEX

We are located on
Rt. 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club.


About Us

The Elysburg Haunted House is a yearly event that is sponsored by the Elysburg and Overlook Fire Departments. As volunteerism becomes less and less each year, the two Fire Departments work very hard along with family, friends and small organizations that are willing to volunteer their time and hard work for the event. Without the help of all these people, the Haunted House would be even more difficult to maintain. We thank everyone that has helped us in the past and those that will help in the future.

There are a lot of man-hours and hard work put in to scare all of you horror lovers, we do our best and try to improve and change effects each year. We must admit that along with all of the hard work involved, we enjoy it. We may even have more fun than the customers.

Notice - ** With all the time and cost involved, we ask that you PLEASE refrain from destroying our hard work. We also have a policy that we do not touch the customers in any way other than maybe a tap on the shoulder or leg, PLEASE do not touch, punch or shove the workers. We are here to make this enjoyable for everyone and anyone found causing damage or becoming physical with any of the workers will be escorted out and you WILL NOT receive a refund. We also have workers and customers that are male, female and of ALL ages. PLEASE refrain from vulgar language. Those found under the influence will not be allowed to enter and will be escorted off the property. Uniformed police as well as undercover police are always close by so lets just follow the rules and have a great time !

** There is a moderate amount loud noises, smells and a variety of lighting effects (including strobe lights) If you have a medical condition that could be aggrivated by these effects, we recommend that you do not participate. If you choose to ignore this warning, you will be entering at your own risk. If you would happen to get slimmed during your haunting adventure, nothing is used that will stain or damage clothing.

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Groups WelcomeThere is plenty of parking available for large groups with buses, or large vans.