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Dates for 2018

October 5th & 6th,
12th & 13th, 19th & 20th,
and 26th & 27th

Gates are open from
7:00PM to ??

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Now Accepting Visa, MC, Disc. and AMEX

We are located on
Rt. 487 at the Elysburg Gun Club.


Tales from the Elysburg Haunted House

Haunted House Experience from 1976
I'm not sure when the Elysburg Haunted House first opened but I think my experience may have started in October of 1976, I couldn't even get out of the car in the parking lot by the old horse fence, I heard the sounds and screams from my window and went right back home. 1977, I was 10 years old, when I thought I was brave enough to walk through the Haunted House. Unfortunately I was not there for long, the eerie sounds while waiting in the very long line and the chainsaw guys frightening people along the path scared me right back to my dad waiting in the car! 1978, I was 11, and sure this would be the year to make it through the house. I remember clinging very closely to my big sister the entire time, mostly with my eyes closed or covering my ears from the scarey sounds! It was a long time ago but I will never forget screaming hysterically as I was being pulled into a coffin by something very terrifying to me at the time and tearing my sister's blue coat to escape! I didn't go back again for several years, until I was in high school and went with a group of my friends. Even years later I was still screaming and being easily startled by the creatures of the Haunted House and remembering my friends laughing at how jumpy I was. I had moved out of the area since then and started a family.

Last summer I moved back to Elysburg with my husband and 3 children. Over the years I have told my kids about this scarey haunted house in Elysburg from my childhood and when we moved back to the area, my kids could not wait until Halloween so they could walk through and see for themselves how scarey it really was. Me too!! Unfortunately my son (10) & my daughter 13) made it through the first time which made me look like a real scaredy cat when I was a kid. They loved it, they thought it was really scarey and so much fun and wanted to go back several times with different groups of friends and are looking forward to next year! There were so many new areas added along the path since I my experience and the house seemed like a mansion, so many rooms to go through, its amazing how much time the firefighters and volunteers have put into preparing for this seasonal event. My son was so excited about this haunted house that he wanted to be involved in this local event. So we volunteered at the Haunted House last year for the first time and my son and I had so much fun! He still talks about all the scares he had and how great those hot dogs were to snack on in the back of the house. He is hooked and already has his costume all planned out for the next terrifying event! 2011

Maybe you should offer a punch ticket option for kids who like to go through it several times during the Halloween Season with different groups of friends??

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Groups WelcomeThere is plenty of parking available for large groups with buses, or large vans.